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Why I chose Moving Rooms as a first time landlord 4 years ago and still use them now

I came across Moving Rooms in 2019 when I was looking to have my first lodger. Having never had a lodger before I was really quite nervous about the whole process;

covid vaccine

  1. how would I find the right person?

  2. how do I go about getting references?

  3. what are the guidelines for safely and effectively sharing your house with a stranger?

  4. and so on.

On my first meeting with Alex from Moving Rooms, all my fears were put to rest and I felt in incredibly good hands. I honestly breathed a huge sigh of relief and happily left Alex to work her magic! And she didn't let me down!

Four years on and I still use Moving Rooms to find me a lodger. Despite the pandemic, I have never been without a lodger for more than a few weeks (Alex is REALLY REALLY good at what she does!!) and it's been such a positive experience. I have had full-time lodgers and Monday to Friday lodgers and have met some really wonderful people - in fact, I've stayed in touch with some of my previous lodgers, and even consider two of them as new friends who I meet up with whenever possible.

I genuinely cannot sing Alex's praises highly enough. She has great instincts (something that I think is invaluable in this kind of business), she listens to what you want, accompanies potential lodgers on the viewings, negotiates and draws up the contract, and guides you through the entire process.

I know she does tons more behind the scenes as well but because I have always felt in such capable hands and I trust her judgment implicitly I just let her get on with it and then enjoy the results of her hard work!

Libby C

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Take care




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